We think something magical happens when recovering people are given opportunities to thrive.  Very often, people in early recovery face a variety of barriers to finding meaningful employment.  Business owners are often put off by the perceived risk, but we know from experience that when given a chance, recovering people make excellent employees.

The goal of Recovery is Good Business is to cultivate and nurture a mutually beneficial partnership between Ann Arbor-area businesses and the recovering community.

Recovery is Good Business is a collective of businesses in the Ann Arbor area who have made a commitment to hiring people in recovery.  In return, the recovering community will support these businesses.

Participating businesses will:

  • be provided with a small Recovery is Good Business window decal to display in their storefront to inform potential customers of their involvement.


  • be featured in the Participating Businesses section of our website.


  • be promoted on the Recovery is Good Business Facebook page to inform people (especially members of the recovering community) of their involvement.


  • have access to a representative from local treatment center Dawn Farm in order to offer support for employers and employees.  This is like a free employee assistance program!