Toarmina’s Pizza on Stadium Blvd.

When the company talks about tradition, it has a lot to talk about. The history of the Toarmina family is virtually the history of the company itself. When the first generation American Santa Toarmina (Grandmother to the company founder) arrived in Detroit, Michigan she discovered that Americans had a different taste for pizza. She found that a sweeter sauce is better suited the American palate. Today, Toarmina’s pizza still utilizes Grandma Toarmina’s dough recipe, and a sweet sauce is still the quickest way to the American heart. This is the foundation of a Toarmina’s Pizza.

While Grandma Toarmina was experimenting to please her clientele in Detroit Michigan, another relative of the Toarmina family was also working to satisfy his new pizza clientele. Andy Vitale, cousin to the company founder and owner of the Palermo pizza chain in Grand Rapids, made his own discovery; more cheese! Andy found that above all else, the American pizza eater loves cheese. The more cheese the better.

With this combination of experience, the foundation of the Toarmina’s Pizza was created. A good crust, sweet sauce, and a lot of cheese are what separates a Toarmina’s pizza from the competition. A variety of quality fresh toppings on a Toarmina’s pizza were welcome additions to an already delicious pizza.

The signature piece of a now full menu of items is Toarmina’s famous 24 inch pizza, so much so, that it was added to their logo. Triple the size of many large pizzas, one pie will feed a whole family!

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